Vogue SCT2 Radial White & Red Stripe


Give your SUV, Crossover or Light Truck a bold appearance with Vogue Tyre’s Custom Built Radial SCT2 Red Stripe including our exclusive white and red sidewall design. Vogue Custom Built Radial SCT2 Red Stripe tyres move you freely from the rugged world of off-road to the smooth pavement of the expressway. The wide, aggressive tread design provides superb all-season traction, handling and stability. Backed by Vogue Tyre’s industry-leading craftsmanship and care promise, the Custom Built Radial SCT2 Red Stripe offers uncompromising quality that delivers the ideal blend of style with the added benefits of enhanced wear and all-season performance.


Vehicles: SUV’s, Crossovers & Light Trucks

Style: High Performance

Sidewall: White/Red Pinstripe

Available Sizes: 17″, 18″, 20″, 22″ & 24″

UTQG: 320 A/A

Tread Depth: 10/32nds

Mile Warranty: 60K

Sloping Tread Elements: Tapered tread elements that have been 3D designed to provide a quieter ride by lowering tread noise harmonics.

Miracle Tread Compound: Helps to increase traction at low temperatures, while extreme tread compound technology provides exceptional wet grip.

Exclusive Whitewall Design: Exclusive and Patented design with Red Stripe.

XL Load Range: XL Load Range means the sidewalls of our tire are stronger, and capable of handling heavier load requirements.

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