Vogue Custom Built Radial White & Red Stripe


Stand out from the crowd with the Vogue Custom Built Radial Red Stripe with our exclusive white and red sidewall design. The Custom Built Radial Red Stripe is stylish in appearance and bold in performance. Backed by Vogue Tyre’s industry leading craftsmanship and care promise, the CBR offers uncompromising quality that delivers the perfect combination of adrenaline and style.


Vehicles: Passenger Cars

Style: High Performance

Sidewall: White/Red Pinstripe

Available Sizes: 15″,17″, 18″, 19″ & 20″

UTQG: 320 A/A

Tread Depth: 10/32nds

Mile Warranty: 60K

Exclusive Whitewall Design: Exclusive design with Red Stripe.

Vogue-Tech Comfort Ride: Vogue Tyre’s optimized tread design along with specifically tuned body ply construction allows for a quiet and comfortable riding tyre.

Asymmetrical Tread Pattern: All season tread block design results in strong wet, dry and snow performance combined with long tread life.

Tread Sipes: Computer optimized tread siping ensures improved water drainage on wet roads, enhaces driving stability on dry roads offering excellent handling as well as impressive grip in winter conditions.

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